Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: You can contact us at info@alimajae.com

Question: How can I make my payment?
Answer: We accept all major credit card/debit cards and Pay-Pal(secured).

Question: Can I call and place my order?
Answer: No, you may only purchase online via alimajae.com

Question: How can I track my package?
Answer: You may track your package anytime once you have received your conformation that your package has been shipped with tracking number.

Question: What is your shoe size chart based on?
Answer: All shoes are based on U.S. sizes. If shoes are made smaller or larger then average it will be specified on that shoe item.

Question: How or when do i use my promo code?
Answer: You can use promo code at checkout.

Question: How will I know when you have restocked on a sold out item that I want?
Answer: There is no exact date we can give you when items are restocked, items are restocked based on item sales. You can always check on our social media site or website to see if your preferred item is restocked.

Question: What if I forget to use a discount code?
Answer: Once your order is processed at checkout we are unable to manually add the discount code.

Question: When can I use my store credit?
Answer: You have 30 business days to use your store credit code. After the 30 business days your code becomes invalid.

For more questions please contact our customer service via info@alimajae.com